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Our Online Book Shop was founded by Jethro Black who is the author of all the books and CDs available on this site. Jethro's journey into self publishing started with his first book 11th September - Top Secret which he had printed in January 2002. This book was the result of his discovery of English Gematria but he did not just stop at discovering one system he went on to discover other systems and now has authored more than 20 books and 10 CDs on a range of subjects. You can see more of Jethro's works and lectures on YouTube.

About Jethro Black

Jethro Black received an Hons Degree in Physics at Leeds University in 1981. He then went on to study in a Yeshiva in Israel for three years where he focused mainly on the Chassidic teachings of the seen Lubavitcher Rebbes as well as Jewish Law and Lore.

Due to Jethro's mathematical background he was particularly interested in Hebrew Gematria but it was not until shortly after the 9/11 destruction of the Twin Towers in Manhattan that Jethro discovered that Gematria existed in English as well. He tells his story in his first short book on this event about how he discovered the first system of Placement Values. This system had already been discovered by others but after a few months Jethro discovered what he called the Large Values.

He was then writing his second book The End of Evil.  During the writing of this book he also discovered that you can add the Placement Values to the Large Values to get what he termed the Whole Values.

Jethro went on to discover other systems and write many more books with many more books started and planned. Jethro believes that there is no end to the different areas which he can apply Gematria to and plans to write a Gematria commentary to the Bible of which many of his books are part of.

Jethro is a qualified teacher, Life Coach and Bookkeeper. He is also a String Artist. 

Jethro has provided many Video shows and lectures on YouTube to watch so that readers can become familiar with his discoveries.

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