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What is Gematria?

"And God said: Let there be light, and there was light"

The Bible tells us that God, created the universe with His speech. When the Bible uses human terms to describe God it is speaking in the language of man so that we can understand the Bible. However, God is not a physical being that He would have a mouth to speak.

But we can get an idea of what God's speech is from our own. When we speak we reveal what is in our thoughts to someone outside of us. So too, the creation was a revelation of the Will of God to create something that is apparently outside of Himself. However, since God is infinite and fills all the universe then there can be nothing truly outside of God. This would mean that the separation that we sense from our source, and a separation to such a degree that we do not even perceive our Source, is due to God's having created the universe through the power of speech.

The anaogy of this is the sun. Within the sun there is light only it is one and the same as the sun and a single ray of light cannot be distiguished. But once the ray is emitted from the sun it becomes a separate entity. But this is only a perception as nothing can be truly separated from its source.


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