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Secrets of Secrets - Razin d'razin

The world is constantly advancing. We had seen the speeding up of technology beyond the imagination of those living just 50 years ago and things are speeding up. More and more is being discovered in all fields of research. Perhaps one field of research has not been given much attention. This is the field of Gematria. The usual response to Gematria is that it is a game and can not be taken seriously. Nor has it any particular use beyond some interesting connections in the Bible and even they are just coincidental.

The discoveries of Jethro Black and is near 20 years of research have opened up new doors to what Gematria really is and can achieve. He offers his research today in the form of Books and CDs as well as lectures. He believes he is just scratching the surface of what Gematria can do and what it really means. To Jethro, not only is Gematria not a game but it is the most fundamental of all sciences. It is the Science of Consciousness.

As a qualified physicist Jethro knows of man's search for the basic building blocks of matter. Down to the level of Elementary Particles, Quantum Mechanics and String Theory. Yet the Bible states that God spoke and created the universe. So even deeper than String Theory is the creative power of the word, or of consciousness which in turn deepens on words, for thought requires language.

Gematria reveals the mathematics of words, the root connectivity of all things through the numerical value of the word.

To demonstrate the amazing secrets that exist within words Jethro has authored a number of lectures on YouTube which will get sceptics thinking beyond the box. The first 7 or 8 lectures should be watch in order to get to know the fundamental systems and how they work. Here is the first lecture.

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