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Some other Gematria Systems used by others.

Here is a website that has a list of 4 systems of Gematria. In this blogg I will explain briefly what the significance of these systems are.Here is the Website:

The web page shows 4 systems. The first one he calls the Simple Values which I call the Placement Values (PV) as they are the placement values. The author of that website once wrote to me asking me to change my name of the system to the Simple Values. i refused as simple does not convey what they are. In Hebrew this system is called Mispar Siduri - Order Value so Placement Value is a similar term to the one used in Hebrew. Besides PLACEMENT VALUE = 150 = ALPHABETICAL ORDER (PV).

The Second Table are the Pythagorean values used in Numerology. In Hebrew it is calle dthe small Values (with some differences) I use this system rarely. You will see me use it in the lecture on the Circle.

The third system is a joke. He takes the PV and multiplies it by 6. In this way every word or term that equals 111 in the PV will equal 666. Well, I could multiply by 8 and so every term that equalled 111 would now equal 888 and since Jesus in Greek = 888 and could make many things equal to Jesus. So what. He is using this ploy to get things to equal 666 which is the number of the beast. This is a game and has no meaning whatsoever. The fourth table is a corruption of what I called the Normal Values. I do not like Jewish Values. This system is used in Hebrew and Greek. A better term may be decimal values. I borrowed this system from hebrew into English and since it is the most used system in Hebrew and Greek I called it the Normal Values. He has muddled the numbers up. How he gets J = 600 and V = 700 and W = 900. Its really mixed up. Have no idea where he gets this system from. My normal Values follow the order of the letters J = 10, K = 20 till Z = 800. He misses out 800 completely! So the first two tables have meaning. Th second table has meaning in Numerology and has limited application outside of this. It is no good fro connecting words together as you have limited the number of values to 1 till 9 and so its very likely to find a connection. The probability is too high to be of any meaning.

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