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The end of Zechariah chapter 3 talks about a stone with seven eyes. What is this stone and why does it have seven eyes? In fact, what are the eyes!? Jethro Black received insight into what this stone when he observed that the word SEVEN as the word EVEN in it. EVEN is not the same as the word Even as is odd and even as this is a different pronounciation. EVEN is the same pronouciation as the Hebrew word fo Stone. EVEN is a stone. So what is the S-EVEN? The S represents the Serpent or Snake. It has the shape of a serpent. Jethro uses this same idea when writing about the Dollar Bill and its icon $. In The Stone with the Seven Eyes Jethro shows how this stone is linked to the Messiah and who he is. He shows how the number seven is connected to the Messiah and that there is a connection between this stone and the seven branched candelebra (Menorah) which is the subject of the next chapter in Zachariah. He also discuss the seven personalities that are connected to the Messiah.

The Stone with the Seven Eyes

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