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Jethro was inspired to write this book while writing a book on salt (yet to be published). He was examining the word Salt to see how its cubic shape is coded in its name and having done this he went on to see if its colour was also encoded in its name. To do this he took the chemical term for salt – Sodium Chloride and used the Normal Values.


The Normal Values (NV) are A = 1, B = 2… J = 10, K = 20….. S = 100, T = 200… Z = 800. He originally borrowed this system from Hebrew and Greek where they are the normal values used. Originally Jethro called them the Decimal Values.


SODIUM CHLORIDE = 100 + 60 + 4 + 9 …… + 9 + 4 + 5 = 722 (NV)


Using the same system on the word WHITE = 500 + 8 + 9 + 200 + 5 = 722 (NV)


This was a direct correlation. But Jethro then wanted to connect other naturally occurring things to the word white. So far Jethro has not failed to find a connection between such things and the word white in English or the word white in Hebrew – לבן. His book, The White Book of White Things gives examples of 36 things ranging from inanimate minerals and rocks to plants, birds, animals and insects plus things that come from living things like milk and teeth.


Here are a few simple examples.




This uses the PV – Placement Values A = 1, B = 2…Z = 26.


Of course, horses can be black and other colours and Jethro shows how the word Horse is connected to black and brown.


The flower Convallaria Majalis is white.


MAJALIS = 65  = White (PV)


There are other things that are of interest to some of the entries in the book that Jethro goes into detail such as why the White Lady Beetle has 15 black spots etc. Yes, you have it FIFTEEN = 65 (PV). 


This book is just the first in a series of this sort. At the beginning of the book he shows how Camel is connected to Hump and how Plant is connected to Green. So there is a lot of scope for many more books on different colours and on why spiders have eight legs (at least on my last count).


A book worthy of reading by the scientific community.


This book is a little more expensive than the others in respect to the number of pages as there are many colour prints in this book.



The White Book of White Things

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