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The True Messiah Revealed - Part I - 53 slides


This is the first part of 3 in a series of slide shows that present soe amazing Gematria related to who the Messiah is or will be. These slide shows are controvecial as Jethro Presents Rabbi Menachem Mendel. the seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe, as being the Messiah even though he has now died. There are those amount his Chassidim who think that the Rebbe is not dead but in some sort of comotose state. However, Jethro has understood the Rebbe's own words concerning the resurrection of the dead to mean that even the Messiah will be resurrected. 


There is a know Rabbinical teaching, based on Daniel who has a vision of the Messiah coming on the clouds and Zechariah who has a visiion of the Messiah coming on a donkey, that seems to point that if he comes on the clouds then it will be like the ascent of Elijah to heaven on a fiery chariot. This would mean that the Messiah will have died first.


This concept ot the Messiah dying before his final revelation is bought in the Zohar and alluded to in the Talmud in Sanhedrin 98. There are other sources and these are discussed in Jethro's book Gimmel Tammuz


In this slide show Jethro uses Gematria to back up this idea of the return of the Rebbe as the messiah.


Here are some examples using the Placement Values (PV) A = 1, B = 2..... z = 26.


MENACHEM MENDEL = 13 + 5 + 14 + ...... + 5 + 12 = 115 (PV)








...and there are many more. 


Jethro also connects the Rebbe's head quarters at 770 Eastern Parkway to the Messiah. 


The Midrash in Bamidbar Rabba states that the Messiah will be revealed, then concealed, then revealed. This is the view of Jethro Black and his Gematria reveal that to be the case.

The True Messiah Revealed - Part I

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