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Jethro Black was inspired to write this book while examining the numbers Seven and Eleven. You may think this a strange thing to do! What is so strange about these two numbers? Well, Jethro was struck by the fact that they were both odd numbers and get the word EVEN was part of their names. Someone had an ODD sense of humour when they chose these words for 7 and 11.


Jethro, however, was concerned that the EVEN part of these words was not pronounced as Eeven but as Even. Even in Hebrew means Stone. אבן is Even not Eeven.


This rang some bells as Jethro knew that at the end of chapter 3 of Zechariah, one of the prophets of Israel, Zechariah has a vision of the establishment of a new high priest in Israel. His name would be Joshua. At the end of this vision he is shown a stone with seven eyes. So this is the connection between the number 7 and a stone.


The letter S represents the serpent and the Zohar calls the Messiah the Holy Serpent, the one who will counter the effects of the primeval serpent of the Garden of Eden.


Here are some examples of Gematria in the book.


Using Placement Values (A = 1, B = 2…Z = 26).


JOSHUA = 10 + 15 + 19 + 8 + 21 + 1 = 74 (PV)




The word Eleven Joshua says is a compound word of El meaning God in Hebrew and Even meaning Stone. So this is the God Stone where as Seven is the Serpent Stone often called the Serpentine – the green healing stone.


Jethro goes on to connect the Messiah to the healing stone as he will heal the world. He shows the connection to the messiah and the number 7. For example, in Hebrew Messiah is משיח (Moshiach). Using Placement Values (PV) משיח = 13 + 21 + 10 + 8 = 52 and 5 + 2 = 7.


A short book but full of amazing Gematria that reveals the hidden message behind this stone with the seven eyes.



The Stone with the Seven Eyes

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