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THE SECRET MESSAGE OF CHANUKAH -  Paperback – 60 pages


What does the Menorah actually represent? Why did the Menorah in the Temple have 7 branches? What is the special significance of the spinning top, called the Dreidel, that is used on Chanukah? Jethro shows that both the Menorah and the Dreidel have the same message – they both reveal who the messiah is.


Taking A = 1, B = 2…. Z = 26 then




DREIDEL = 57 = המשיח (PV)


HaMoshiach means The Messiah. But Jethro actually shows how the name of the Messiah is connected to these two items. Do you want to know?


This is one of Jethro very early books and only a few copies of this edition are left.

The Secret Message of Chanukah

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