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The English - Hebrew Connection


In this slide show Jethro Black connects around 200 Hebrew and English words together using Gematria. Since making this slide show Jethro has discovered probably in the region of another 300 such connections. 


When searching for the rootsof English words one looks at the phonetics and traces the word back to earlier sources. For example, the English word to Babble is linked to the Hebrew word Bavel as in the Tower of Babel or Migdol Bavel in Hebrew. At this event God mixes up the languages of man so they no longer speak in ne tongue but in man. Hence, the use of the word "to babble on".


But some English words seem to have no etymological root in Hebrew. For example Secret is very different to its Hebrew Sod but using Gematria with the Placement Values (PV) where A = 1, B = 2...Z= 26 then


SECRET = 19 + 5 + 3 + 18 + 5 + 20 = 70 (PV)


And then using the Hebrew Normal Values where א = 1, ב = 2...י = 10.... ק = 100, ר = 200....ת = 400 then


סוד = 60 + 6 + 4 = 70 (NV)


This is so with many words. Words that have no apparent etymological link between English and Hebrew often have a Gematria link.


You can watch the first part of this slide show on YouTube at:

The English - Hebrew Connection

  • The Slide Shows sold on this website were made on an older version of Powerpoint and so may appear different on newer version. If you are not satisfied with the shows due to not being able to see all the slides clearly then please ask for a refund. There may also be differences between viewing the shows on a PC (on which they were created) and on a Mac. Please use contact form if requesting a refund. Jethro plans to make up dated versions of these shows in the future.

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