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This is Jethro Black's first book which he wrote shortly after the 9/11 event of the destruction of the Twin Towers. In it he recounts how this event brought about a revelation in his mind of using English Gematria to decode this event. This book is Jethro's first attempt at using English Gematria and began his adventure into this amazing esoteric world of coded messages. The present copies for sale are still from his first batch of print-outs and he is preparing a new edition of this book which can be bought presently as an ebook. Planned is a third edition that will include the material of the CD which Jethro later produced which contains additional material on this event. The Cd or the eslideshow can be purchased from this website. 


In this book Jethro shows how the number 11 is a reoccuring theme in this event. He goes on to explain about the middle east conflict between the Arabs and the Israelis and shows how this conflict is rooted in the Bible going back to Isaac and Ishmael. 

The 11th September - Top Secret

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