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The Tefillin or Phylacteries, as they are referred to in English, as special boxes that are worn by Jewish males one weekday mornings during prayers. Inside these boxes, one worn on the arm and the other on the head, are four parchments containing four passages from the Torah - the Five Books of Moses. 


In this book Jethro Black analysis these four passages and discusses why there are various differences in the spelling and use of some of the words that refer to the Tefillin. It is only by using Gematria that one can see how these varient spellings and terms actually are related.


This book mainly focuses on the head Tefillah and discusses the significance of the two letter Shins on the sides of the head Tefillin and why one of the Shins has four instead of three branches. Jethro Black shows how magic squares are connected to the Tefillin and why. A book for those wanting to understand the Tefillin in a very unique way.

Tefillin: The Master Plan

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