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I wrote this book on similar lines to Beyond Science. Here I take the name of a musician and match him or her to the instrument which they play and to some of the music they have composed. A simple expample of this would be Ji Eun Anne Lee. JI = 39 + 42 = 81 (LV) and VIOLIN = 81 (PV). George Harliono was a piano prodigy. So PIANO PRODIGY = 149 = GEORGE HARLIONO (PV). The books covers musicians from the classic period like Chopin and Bach and goes through to our present day prodigies. I have very few failures in matching musicians. This added to all the other matches I have made with scientist and my present book I am now writing on Artist, makes the probability to these matches being by some coincidence extremely remote.  As an example of a connection between a musician and a piece that he composed I shall use MICHAEL WILLIAM BALFE = 1852 (SOS). SOS means sum of squares so you take the square of each placement value of the letters and add. M = 13 (PV) and 13 x 13 = 169 etc. He composed THE BOHEMIAN GIRL = 1852 (SOS). There is an appendix that I show how the name of an instrument is connected to its structure. The idea for this comes from the word HAND . H = 8 and there are 8 Carpals. N = 14 and there are 14 Phalanges. A + D = 1 + 4 = 5 is the one thumb and four fingers bus also there are 5 metacarpals. So I used this idea with the name of Instruments. So in Violin the letter L = 87 (LV) and STRING = 87 (PV). The l is just a line and so looks like a string. And yes, there is an L is Viola and two Ls in Cello and dont forget the L in Double Bass. The book is illustrated with black and white photos of almost all the musicians.

Musical Prodigies - 207 pages

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