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High Phi - The Magic of Phi - 120 Powerpoint Slides


This is a follow-up from Pi in the Sky and it is best to watch Pi in the Sky first. In this slide show Jethro shows where the number Phi is hidden in the second verse of the Bible. He again shows how Greek is a link between Hebrew and English and towards the end of the show he shows how Pi and Phi are interelated. 


Jethro shows how Gematria can be used to show interesting things about the Golden Ratio and the Golden Spiral. This, the Pi in the Sky, will be of interest to mathematicians. 

High Phi - The Magic of Phi

  • The Slide Shows sold on this website were made on an older version of Powerpoint and so may appear different on newer version. If you are not satisfied with the shows due to not being able to see all the slides clearly then please ask for a refund. There may also be differences between viewing the shows on a PC (on which they were created) and on a Mac. Please use contact form if requesting a refund. Jethro plans to make up dated versions of these shows in the future.

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