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Elijah’s Charm


A Symbol of Grace


Elijah’s Charm is a fine handcrafted 14 carat gold piece, inspired by the mystical teachings of the prophet Elijah. It is a powerful symbol that will enhance your ability to find favour in the eyes of others. Elijah’s Charm consists of 3 gold axes on which 10 diamonds are set.


As revealed by Elijah, the mystical sefirot, the Tree of Life, through which God’s effluence emanates and reaches us, are organized along 3 axes. The 10 diamonds represent the sefirot themselves. The three larger diamonds symbolise the super-rational sefirah of Crown and the two intellectual sefirot of Wisdom and Understanding. The seven smaller diamonds symbolise the sefirah of knowledge that bridges the mind with the six emotive sefirot of the heart: Loving-kindness, Might, Beauty, Victory, Thanksgiving and Foundation. The final sefirah, Kingdom, has no light of its own and hence has no corresponding diamond, but it receives its effluence from all the other sefirot and is therefore symbolised by the piece as a whole.


Elijah’s Charm is also a symbol of grace and a charm for increasing your appeal before God and other people. Look closely and you will see that together, the two outer axes form the Hebrew letter Chet ח, which represents the to and fro pulse of life.  The middle axes consists of the Hebrew letter Final Nun ן and provides balance so that we are not over-extended nor overly introvert. Together, these two letters spell the Hebrew word for “grace”, Chen, which also means “finding favour.” The Bible uses this word when it tells us that “Noah found favour (chen) in the eyes of God,” because he reflected (like a mirror) the good qualities of those around him.


This pendant is made of 14 carat white gold.

Elijah's Charm - White Gold with diamond studs

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